A Whole Load of Air plus Screen to Keep Clean!

Will you be turning on your air con and activating your cleaning solutions?

Two more topics which have come into my inbox this week and may be a puzzle to you too.

Preparing your classrooms for safe re-occupation is about much more than turning on the lights. Once it is agreed

which rooms are to be used, there needs to be a thorough re-evaluation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, according to the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

It is believed that airborne transmission is a possible way of spreading the Covid 19 virus particularly through inner rooms, so the ventilation strategy of all shared spaces needs review.

CIBSE’s advice is basically to increase ventilation as much as possible, increasing the flow of outside air and preventing any pockets of stagnant air. Re-circulation of air within buildings should be avoided to reduce the risk of transmission.

If you are not sure about what type of air conditioning units are fitted in your school, contact your maintenance company and ask for their advice. Most classrooms do have operable doors and windows and there is no problem with keeping those open to increase the fresh air flow in and out of the room. You may need to review use of inner rooms which rely on circulatory air con units as these systems may create a higher risk of spreading viruses.

Clean air, clear conscience. Check with your maintenance team if you are not sure about using air con units.


Screen for cleaning - did you know that there are multiple ways to use Screen disinfectant?

I am sure that many schools will be using a lot of disinfectant over the next few weeks - probably several times per day. If you have Screen in stock, then I highly recommend that you download the technical information sheet which clearly explains the usage instructions, depending on what is being cleaned.

tech info sheet Screen
Download PDF • 639KB

For your information activation contact time is needed in order for the product to work successfully, this could range from a couple of minutes to five minutes if time permits.

Depending on use, the dilution rate alters, as does the application method. After application the surface should be rinsed with fresh water as the ingredients could harm some people if they come into contact with the solution.

If your staff are filling blank spray bottles with any type of solution, ensure that the bottles are correctly labelled. Premier Products supplier a template for users to download labels to make it easier as found here:

screen label
Download PDF • 95KB

Are your CoSHH Assessment up to date?

With the introduction of many more products in the school, from Hand gel to soaps and antibacterial cleaners, this is a perfect time to carry out a review of your CoSHH assessments. Some of your cleaning teams may have updated their own documents, but make sure that if any substances are being used by your own staff that a suitable CoSHH assessment is available.

Some of these cleaning products contain aggressive ingredients that can cause burns and skin irritation. Remind staff to check their skin and not to use products without reading suitable information on its' use.

The next CoSHH online training course is listed in the Online Bookings tab found on my website. This course does cover the safe working methods associated with Screen and Hand Sanitizers in school as well as disposing of contaminated solutions.


I know that every Head Teacher is doing their very best to make the school a safe environment during the slow return to school in the next few weeks. If you need any further advice, don't forget to drop me a line - it may be that someone has already asked the question and I am always happy to share the news.

Stay safe everyone.


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