COVID -19: Important improvement of Health and Safety Support to Schools

COVID-19 represents an unprecendeted challenge to schools, bringing intense pressure and radical change to systems, organisations and to all of us as individuals. As a conscientious business provider with a mission to improve health and safety services, we want to help. I focus here on the contribution that our work supporting improvement for schools and maintenance of safety management systems can be achieved.

Our guiding aim for our improvement work in this period is to provide practical support and actionable insights, accelerating the use of innovations and improvement approaches that can make a practical difference today. By booking an appointment using Zoom, meetings can be arranged with the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Site Manager and School Business Manager to go through safety audits and fire risk assessments, to ensure you maintain compliance with safety law as well as The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

What services are Available?

1. Health and Safety Audit review - Ensure that recommendations from 2019 are complete and find out what is new in legislation for the current year. The audit will go through current practices and checks will be made to ensure that all relevant statutory inspections have been carried out.

2, Fire Risk Assessment updates - review the last fire risk assessment that was undertaken in your school. The review meeting will look at current fire evacuation control measures during partial lockdown of the school and provide guidance on making the building secure whilst lockdown continues. The review will also go over all statutory checks that need to be completed whilst the school premises are partially empty or in total closure during the COVID-19 period.

Go to the online booking pages for more information on how to reserve a meeting from May 2020:

Why book now?

Due to the isolation and restriction of unnecessary journeys, it has not been possible to carry out annual inspections for schools. Some staff levels in schools have been kept to a minimum and this has placed a lot of work on hold.

To avoid a rush of work when schools can finally return and to ensure that mandatory checks/inspections are being carried out, this audit feature will be of benefit for both Health and Safety reasons as well as Fire Management. Don't be caught out with having an accident during the shutdown or a fire evacuation procedure that will not work due to lack of fire wardens on site.

Booking an online meeting with your Health and Safety consultant will be beneficial to check that you are still complying with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act. It will be suitable to check on your training needs through shutdown and cover wellness or stress management procedures for staff. You may also need to review your accessibility audits or cover a review of risk assessments.

Whatever your needs, whether you have an existing contract with Health and Safety in Care or you pay as you go for Safety support, contact Adele now for more information:

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