Learning and Development in 2020 and beyond - online web training for less stressed staff

What Learning & Development means to use

As a certified trainer with 15 years experience of preparing and delivering bespoke Health and Safety training courses, it is the human side of teaching that sticks with me. Learning and Development forms a vital part of what makes your school amazing - from the important conversation around statutory training, to self-directed career progression.

Training is not just about box-ticking, but instead the name of the game has become to champion holistic approaches to learning. Motivating people to be the best they can be can only have a positive outcome. Face-to face training creates meaningful patterns and practices for all, with a lasting impact on an ever-humanising 2020s work environment. But the current lockdown issues mean that we need to be ready to adapt to the situation.

Prepare for Takeoff! Learning and Development's big steps in 2020

The world of face to face learning is on hold for the next few months. With technological advancement at breakneck speed with the tides turning fast. People want to maximise their brain's ability to learn and adapt, so help them. We have created interactive web-based learning sessions to meet the training needs of school staff during the COVID-19 lockdown. The sessions will be run by Adele Partridge in live webinar training sessions with interactive question and answer sessions and quizzes set to gather the understanding of your team. Keep the recordings for other staff to watch and use these sessions for induction of new staff.

What courses are available

Check out the Online Bookings pages on our website - going to Whole school Training packages.

You can invite all of your staff members to attend the webinar sessions and only pay one price. Your staff will need to register their attendance and reminders will be sent out once a date and time has been agreed. Following the course, your staff will receive a certificate of training and you will have access to the recording of the training session for future use.

Get in touch for further information.

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