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Helping Businesses Blossom

Since Health and Safety in Care began in 2000, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core necessities and goals. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.

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Academy  Training

An Innovative Solution

Often our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump. We worked on this training project for several months and the end result was truly beneficial. By ensuring consistent and transparent training for all members of staff from a multi-academy trust, our client was able to progress successfully knowing that staff from each member school was working to the same Health and Safety standards. 

Creating bespoke training courses for SLT's and Facility Management teams is one of the key features of our Safety training solutions.  Understanding the structure of a multi-academy trust and the staffing structure of each member school, means that the trainer can provide specific instruction for each school depending on the resources available. 

This academy is moving forward with consistent accident reporting processes, trustee policies in place and staff working together as a team supported by a Health and Safety management system that is bespoke to the academy. 

Image by Jeff Siepman

Fire Risk Assessment for Primary School

A Story of Neglected Building

I was invited to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment for a school 'Subject to Special Measures' with a newly appointed executive head teacher.  The date of the building originated from early 20th century and was in a very neglected state with understandably, non-motivated staff.  The previous fire risk assessment had picked up a handful of fire risks in the school, non of which included the kitchen (as that was operated by local authority employed staff).  In fact the kitchen was the biggest failing within this school due to installation of faulty equipment, no presence of fire detection or emergency lighting, no systems in place to segregate a kitchen fire from the dining hall and no staff training.  The school staff had not carried out a fire drill in over a year due to changes within the SLT and many children in the school had not practiced their evacuation routes.  Since many routes were locked or led to areas away from the normal evacuation route, the possibility that confusion lay ahead in the event of a real school fire was a relevant factor for change.

The whole purpose of the fire risk assessment is to provide Head Teachers, SLT's and Governors with compatible solutions to create a safe environment for staff & pupils, plus allow for safe evacuation in the event of a fire at any time of day.  Think of where your pupils will be at lunchtime and where the staff are likely to be. Consider if the MDA's are able to evacuate everyone safely and how children will be accounted for should the office staff not be on site.  If you have a maintenance officer on a split shift, is someone else trained to know where the smoke detectors are located and how to isolate the alarm?

Thankfully all of these things were identified on the fire risk assessment report which led to the school being allocated a large grant to completely re-install the fire detection system and up grade equipment to a satisfactory standard.  Disillusioned staff saw visible changes being implemented which created a safer environment and more input from staff to participate in training sessions for fire wardens and complete PEEPS.  

The potential savings for any school to have a suitable sufficient fire risk assessment in place are enormous.  Not only will it ensure that your liability insurance is valid but the cost of saving lives is non-negotiable.  For this school, the recommendations for improvement were clear and enough to secure funding in the ever challenging world we live in.

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What will the future Hold?

Turning a New Page

Clients often approach Health and Safety in Care with a general idea of what they need, and the above projects were no different. We were able to jump right in with our expertise and really helped the school and academy to manage their risks. Today, their schools are undergoing many changes, and we’re proud to have been part of their process.